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Staycation Photoshoot

Client: Sherpani

Service: Lifestyle Photography

I excecuted this photoshoot to capture a "staycation" with Sherpani products. Our vision was a relaxed, yet elegant, mountain getaway elevated by Sherpani luggage, packing cubes, and other bags.

Sherpani is a sustainable, Boulder started and owned brand that strives to create better daybags, backpacks, and luggage for women who live to travel. Fueled by the belief that travel restores the human spirit, Sherpani creates 100% recycled bags made in part with reclaimed ocean-bound plastic which are designed to make travel a breeze.

Special thanks to Mary Reyes for her wonderful modeling, Grace Cohune for being my invaluable photo assist, and Nathaniel Farber for hosting us in his gorgeous Airbnb.

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