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Merch Design
& Illustration

I specialize in whimsical minimalism: energetic, approachable vector-style graphics and collage with streamlined color palettes.

I want to make designs that honor your creativity

Animated illustration for the song "Noise" by Leah Marlene

digital design
+ wiggle room

I take a charismatic approach to abstraction, loosening the reins on realism so I can let emotion flow freely. If you’re looking for digital design with a bit of wiggle room, you’re in the right place! I combine organic forms with technology to smooth shapes and harness color, ultimately creating a design that displays both minimalist precision and human touch.

Animated illustration for the song "Noise" by Leah Marlene

Previous Work

My designs are made with depth and intention, whether they’re introducing an album, styling a shirt, or growing your business.

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