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Your branding should work for you.

I want to empower you to bring your business anywhere.

I am a creative + solutions-driven designer.

Whether you need a completely new brand identity or want to build around an existing logo, I’m here to support you along the way. Most importantly, I don’t believe in dropping your branding in your lap and leaving you to figure it out. You should come away from our design meetings feeling empowered to implement your brand identity.

Design shouldn't be a closed door.

 The key to building a beautiful brand image is understanding the tools that “branding” provides you. Not only will I create a memorable, lively identity for your brand, but together we’ll make an actionable strategy of how this identity can provide solutions for your brand.


From beginning to end, I want to strategize which elements would be most helpful for you and devote our time to the most impactful elements, whatever that may be. Maybe you need a full brand identity, including logos, colors, and a font kit. Maybe you need templates for your social media, email marketing, or in-store flyers. Maybe you need to reformat your existing logo so it looks perfect on stickers and hats. Maybe you just need someone to sift through your brand’s visual history and get it all in writing so your team can be on the same page.

What's included?

Each branding project is tailored to the client and their needs, so every project is different. However, a cohesive visual identity usually includes a logo with multiple layout options, a brand icon set, color palette, font guide, advertising templates, and imagery guidelines. This is implemented alongside a comprehensive brand guidebook to outline the usage of each element so that you know exactly what to do when you bring your brand somewhere new.

Already have some of these elements? No worries. I offer both full and partial rebrand services depending on what your brand needs.

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